CSU Joins Search for Wild Horse ‘Final Solution’

Researchers at Colorado State University will help the BLM perfect a rarely used sterilization procedure, known as ovariectomy via colpotomy, for removing a mare’s ovaries, according to a report dated 08/03/18 in the Coloradoan.  If approved, the study will begin in October.

Public acceptance of fertility control was a first step.  Now the focus is fertility prevention.

Who benefits?  Why would the BLM engage in such barbaric practices?

It’s not about reducing costs of the WHB program.  There are no plans to close departments, sell buildings and lay people off if the research is ‘successful.’

The move is a payoff to the livestock industry, with whom the BLM has been aligned for decades.  Ranchers look at the horses and burros as pests, consuming forage that belongs to them—on lands sent aside for the horses and burros.  The WHB Act, amended several times in their favor, has been a pain in their backside since 1971.

Eighty percent of Americans want these animals protected and preserved.  But it doesn’t matter, because the BLM doesn’t answer to the voters.

Two hundred mares, gathered from the range, will be placed in the program.  Of the 100 mares to be spayed, 30 will be returned to the range and 70 will go to adoption, some of whom may appear in the demonic Wild Spayed Filly Futurity.

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