Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Tour

It’s a 24-mile long gravel road that runs along the southern border of White Mountain HMA, beginning at Green River, WY.  Refer to this page for directions.  The area is marked by numerous Herd Areas (red borders), where wild horses were found in 1971 (when the WHB Act became law), but today have no AMLs and are not managed for horses.  Were they zeroed out to make room for livestock grazing?


Pilot Butte, seen in the following video, was a landmark used by pioneers in their westward migration.  Horses roaming the hills are remnants of that era.

Bible Springs Next on BLM Hit List

BLM announced today that gather operations would commence next week on the Bible Springs Complex and Sulphur HMA in southwestern Utah.  The complex includes the Four Mile, Bible Springs and Tilly Creek HMAs.  The news release included the Blawn Wash region in the complex, but it is a herd area north of Four Mile.

The gather will be open to public observation.


Captured animals will be taken to an off-range facility in Axtell, Utah, where they will be checked by a veterinarian and prepared for adoption.  Gather stats can be found on this page.

The four HMAs cover 427, 349 acres and have a combined AML of 420, for a target population density of one animal per thousand acres.

The news release did not indicate if dry conditions were a factor in the decision to remove horses and if livestock were present on the HMAs and surrounding lands.

Humanae Vitae at 50

Today, the Encyclical Letter written by Paul VI turns 50.  The Church has always taught that contraception is evil.  Until the middle of the last century most people accepted it.

WTWT.  Pay attention to the four predictions (section 17 in the original document).

  • Marital infidelity
  • Lowering of moral standards
  • Loss of reverence due to a woman
  • Government involvement in the details of married life

H/T Michael Voris and the folks at Church Militant.

BLM Concludes Bullfrog Gather

BLM announced today that it had ended bait-trapping operations at the Bullfrog HMA, with 404 wild burros removed from public and private lands near Beatty, NV.

Gather stats indicated two deaths, but details were not provided.  The number of burros remaining was not given.

Animals were shipped to an off-range facility in Axtell, UT, where they will be seen by a veterinarian and prepared for adoption.

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One if by Helicopter, Two if by Trap

The dispute between advocates and the BLM continues, regarding the disposition of wild horses in the Pine Nut HMA / Fish Springs HA near Carson City, NV.  WHB Specialist John Axtell said the BLM prefers to bait-trap the animals but will use helicopters if advocates “get in the way.”

Refer to the story posted yesterday by Nevada Appeal.  Every photo therein shows the horses behind fences.  Why is that?  To keep them away from busy roads?  Or away from food and water (that belongs to, ahem, cough-cough, livestock)?

The horses are no longer self-reliant.

Those in the photos look fine.  Presumably, the photos were taken during the six-hour field trip and not pulled from a file.

The stated AML of 179 applies to the Pine Nut HMA.  Does the stated population of 775 horses correspond to the HMA or the HA?  Probably the latter.  There is no AML for herd areas.  The figures should be reported on a consistent basis.


Assuming the HA (red and blue borders in the map) is twice the size of the HMA (blue border), maybe a bit larger, the total available land is about 210,000 acres.  That gives a population density of 3.7 animals per thousand acres.

A few miles to the north, on the Virginia Range, the population density is 10 animals per thousand acres and the horses up there look good.  (Look at the photos posted on these pages since mid June.  Go to the index and scroll down to ‘Virginia Range.’)

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BLM Seeks Information on Martin Fire

Rewards totaling $20,000 have been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) who started the Martin Fire.  See the BLM news release dated 07/20/18.  Over 435,000 acres were involved in the incident, which began on the evening of 07/04/18 approximately seven miles north of Paradise Valley, NV.  Winds pushed the flames eastward for 50 miles.  Investigators have determined that it was man-caused.


Almost certainly the fire crossed the Little Owyhee HMA, and probably reached into the Owyhee HMA, although it was not mentioned in the news release.  BLM will likely assess its impact on horses, livestock and wildlife.

Horse Befriended by Campers Removed from Big Summit WHT

A wild horse was captured earlier this month in the Ochoco National Forest, near Prineville, OR, because he lost his hear of humans.  He had been coming to a campground for a year or more, and was fed, petted and groomed.  When the campers departed, he sought food from others and the companionship of their horses, putting both at risk.

The only way to resolve the situation was to remove him to a life of captivity.

See this report, posted today by KMTR-16, the NBC affiliate in Eugene, OR.  Note the guidelines for camping and recreating around wild horses.

Emergency Gather Ordered for Antelope Valley HMA

BLM announced today that it would commence bait-trapping operations immediately, with a goal of removing approximately 250 wild horses from the Antelope Valley HMA, due to insufficient water.  The gather will not be open to public observation.

The HMA is about 60 miles southeast of Elko, NV, and covers 502,909 acres (463,540 acres per the news release).  The AML of 259 gives a target population density of 0.5 animals per thousand acres (1942 acres per animal).


Captured horses will be taken to the Indian Lakes Off-Range Corral in Fallon, NV, where they will be evaluated by a veterinarian and prepared for adoption.  Gather stats can be found at this page.

The news release did not indicate if livestock were present on the HMA or surrounding lands where the horses might roam in search of food or water.