Opponents of Fish Springs Roundup Protest in Reno

Wild horse enthusiasts met yesterday at the BLM office in Reno, NV, to protest the removal of 50 animals from the Fish Springs area near Gardnerville, according to a report dated 07/17/18 in Nevada Appeal.

The BLM argues there are too many horses in and around the Pine Nut Mountains HMA, which covers 104,316 acres in western Nevada.  Current population is 775 horses with an AML of 179.


The target population density is 1.7 animals per thousand acres and the actual population density is 7.4 animals per thousand acres.  These figures do not include the lands of the Pine Nut Mountains HA, which the horses inhabit, that would make the densities LOWER.

Meanwhile, a few miles north, on the Virginia Range, the population density is running at ten animals per thousand acres.

Look at the photos here, here and here from June, 2018.  Do you see any denuded lands or emaciated animals?

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