Emergency Gather Ordered for Antelope Valley HMA

BLM announced today that it would commence bait-trapping operations immediately, with a goal of removing approximately 250 wild horses from the Antelope Valley HMA, due to insufficient water.  The gather will not be open to public observation.

The HMA is about 60 miles southeast of Elko, NV, and covers 502,909 acres (463,540 acres per the news release).  The AML of 259 gives a target population density of 0.5 animals per thousand acres (1942 acres per animal).


Captured horses will be taken to the Indian Lakes Off-Range Corral in Fallon, NV, where they will be evaluated by a veterinarian and prepared for adoption.  Gather stats can be found at this page.

The news release did not indicate if livestock were present on the HMA or surrounding lands where the horses might roam in search of food or water.

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