Home Defense

If you’re in a rural area, you’ll want a means of defending yourself, your family, your livestock and your property (assuming you live in a state where it’s legal to do so).

Your arsenal should include some or all of the following, plus 5000 rounds of ammo (at least) and a working knowledge of said weapons and ammunition.

  • Handgun with night sights and weapon light
  • Shotgun, 18″ barrel, with mag extension, night sights, weapon light
  • Semi-auto rifle configured for close quarters, 16″ barrel, weapon light, red dot sight
  • Semi-auto rifle configured for medium range, 18″ barrel, magnified optic
  • Bolt-action rifle for long range, 20 to 24″ barrel, magnified optic

A common handgun size is 9 mm.  Ammo is usually plentiful and inexpensive.  If you’re nostalgic for the Old West, get a Single Action Army (Colt .45).

The shotgun would likely fall into the tactical category, 12 gauge, with an assortment of rifled slugs and buckshot.

The 16″ semi-automatic rifle could be chambered in 5.56.  Bulk ammo (55 and 62 grain) runs around 40 cents per round, match ammo (75 grain) costs about 90 cents per round.

The 18″ rifle would probably be chambered in .308.  Match ammo (168 grain) costs about 90 cents per round.  Like the 5.56, get extra mags and pre-load them.

The bolt action rifle can be also used for hunting.  It can be chambered in .308 or something larger.  Ammo may cost $1.00 to $2.00 per round.  The optic should cost as much or more as the rifle.

You’ll also want eye and ear protection.

Basic safety rules for guns:

  • Keep them in a safe (but accessible) place
  • Always assume they’re loaded
  • Don’t put your finger on the trigger until ready to fire
  • Never point them at anything you wouldn’t want to destroy
  • Know what’s in the background of your shot

There are many Youtube channels, many videos and many opinions out there so take some time to learn what’s right for you.  A few examples:





And finally, The Nutnfancy Project, an all-around gear and adventure channel.  He’s based in Utah, so you may even see a few wild horses in his videos.

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