Quick Tour of Virginia City

Aerial view of Virginia City posted to this FB page.  Starts with some mining ruins, including hoisting works and tailings.

The view beginning at -1:37 is to the east, away from town, followed by a view to the west, towards town, with a snow-covered Mt. Davidson in the background (originally Sun Mountain).

St. Mary’s church appears at -1:11, followed by the Fourth Ward School at -1:06.

Next is the Silver Terrace Cemetery (NE part of town) at -0:57.  The Silverland Inn is at the center of the frame at -0:32.

The view at -0:12 is to the north, showing some of the ‘alphabet’ streets.  The main drag running through town is C Street.  Mine owners and superintendents lived up the hill on A and B Streets while the rank-and-file lived in the lower part of town, D Street, E street, etc.

The Virginia Range mustangs occasionally pass through the area, as noted in this post.

H/T St. Mary’s in the Mountains.

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