Colorado Wild Horse Project Helps Ranchers, Not Horses

The state is now in the business of achieving and maintaining AMLs with pesticide-laced darts, according to a story by The Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction.

As of this morning, the bill status says “Passed,” not “Became Law,” but an approved version dated May 20 has been posted to the Session Laws tab.

All four of the state’s HMAs are targeted:

  • Sand Wash Basin – Zonastat-H
  • Piceance – GonaCon Equine
  • Little Book Cliffs – Zonastat-H
  • Spring Creek Basin – Zonastat-H

These products appear on the same EPA list as toxic chemicals.

Using them to control free-roaming herds that interfere, or could interfere, with animal agriculture is outside the scope of their registration.

In “woke” America, truth takes a back seat to ideology.

Although you stopped the roundups, you’re still getting rid of the horses, but you can feel good about it.

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Unauthorized Use of Pesticides 05-24-23

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