Chigley ORP Contract Extended

A new project was created this week in ePlanning and a Final DNA has been copied to the documents folder.

There are no opportunities for public comment.

The Proposed Action will continue an existing contract with the Chigley Off-Range Pasture to provide long-term care and maintenance for up to 500 excess animals on a 3,662-acre off-range pasture located on privately owned land in Murray County, OK.

Terms of the agreement were not provided, including duration and rates.

The DNA stated that the agency’s obligation to develop and maintain land use plans is limited to public land and interests in public land, which does not extend to animals, such as wild horses and burros.

The WHB Program Office has authorized periodic increases in the population of up to a 10% to accommodate occasional shipments of excess animals to the facility, which has a capacity of 608 mares according to the March 2023 Off-Range Facilities Report.

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