Another Coalition Tries to Stop Rock Springs RMP Amendments

Front Range Equine Rescue and two wild horse photographers have joined forces with Return to Normal (Before WHB Act), signatory to the anti-horse/pro-livestock “Path Forward,” to stop the changes announced on May 9, according to a news release dated May 17 on PRN.

Their announcement claims that the White Mountain HMA will be managed as non-reproducing herd, an option that was dropped in the final plan.  Refer to the bullet list in Section 4.0 of the ROD.

The court will likely uphold BLM’s decision.

Actions like these keep their base fired up and the donations rolling in, while achieving nothing useful for wild horses.

They are free to spend their money as they please, within reason, but you don’t have to be part of it.

RELATED: Coalition Files Suit to Block Rock Springs RMP Amendments.

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