Villains and Victims in Elko County Emergency Declaration

The advocates point to conflicts between wild horses and drillers, miners and loggers, but if they were true, county commissioners would have cited them in their resolution.

Instead, they pointed to conflicts between wild horses and livestock, noting that some BLM grazing allotments have gone unused because of over-grazing by wild horses, that fences and crops of county ranches have been damaged by wild horses, and that a decline in the county’s agricultural output can be attributed to the horses.

There’s nothing new under the sun!

The advocates are united with the bureaucrats and ranchers in their belief that wild horses are pests, evident in their May 16 testimony before the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs regarding SB90.

They have their own vocabulary to conceal the truth about their ruinous darting programs, for which they’re always seeking your financial support.

They claim to be voices for the horses, yet they’re trying to get rid of them with a restricted-use pesticide.

Back in the day, we called this “mixed messaging.”

As a result, many in the legislature must be wondering why they’re being asked to designate a pest as the official state horse of Nevada.

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