Wanting Wild Horses Off the Range Is Not the Same as Taking Them Off the Range

Hunters, trappers and ranchers want wild horses eradicated from public lands, according to a news flash earlier this week by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, but they are not actually getting rid of any wild horses, at least not by an approved method.

CAAWH is, along with its affiliates, offshoots and supporters, in numbers that rival the largest of roundups.

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

In a story dated May 11 about the case against the Rock Springs RMP Amendments, Suzanne Roy, monster-in-charge of CAAWH, told Cowboy State Daily that it’s not about saving the environment, it’s about getting rid of wild horses in favor of cattle grazing, exactly what her field workers are doing across the American west.

Around here, that qualifies as hypocrisy and fraud.

Why are you still giving her money?

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Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

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