Foal-Free Friday, Getting to the Heart of the Problem Edition

Like all good liberals, the advocates believe that reproduction is a problem, a defect of nature, to be controlled in some cases with abortion, contraception and sterilization.

The United States can’t support so many people, especially of white European descent, but it can sustain an unlimited number of criminal invaders of color.

The advocates project these beliefs onto wild horses, suppressing their numbers to a point where genetic viability is threatened, so millions of privately owned nonnative animals can reproduce and graze at large in their lawful homes.

The origin of this safe, proven and reversible technology is the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception, featured in the following video by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.

How to tell if the advocates are poisoning the mares in your favorite herd?

Salt River Darting Injury 05-11-23

Look for injuries and adverse reactions in the target zone, evident at 0:15 in a video from the Salt River.

The advocates rely on predators to take care of any youngsters that defy their humane management programs.

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