New Billboard Promotes SB90?

Looks like it promotes the Montana Solution and the unlawful use thereof.

New Billboard Promotes SB90 05-10-23

Although hunters, trappers and ranchers who want wild horses eradicated from public lands have come out against the legislation, as stated in a new eBlurb from the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, they are not getting rid of any horses.

That role belongs CAAWH.  Hundreds every year, rivaling the largest of roundups.

The news flash appears on the propaganda page hosted by Lucky Three Ranch.

Apparently, repudiation of the Virginia Range darting program by Nevada senators has not dampened their enthusiasm for the bill, or at least the illusion of it.

SB90 Amended 04-05-23

If their followers understood their true intentions and loyalties, financial support would dry up overnight.

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