Managing Wild Horses as Wildlife, Livestock and Pets?

Scientists at the University of Wyoming and Oklahoma State University have concluded that current methods will fail because the animals are simultaneously viewed as wildlife, livestock and pets.

Choosing one of the labels, and tailoring plans accordingly, offers the best hope for success in wild horse management, according to an article dated May 4 by the University of Wyoming.

Why would they care about wild horses?

Why do we have to choose from those three?

Why are they silent about privately owned cattle and sheep, the predominant species on America’s public lands, found nowhere in the north Americal fossil record?

Why won’t they admit that there is enough food in areas identified for wild horses to support

  • The 27,000 animals allowed by plan,
  • The roughly 50,000 “excess” animals found therein, and
  • The 62,000 animals stockpiled in off-range holding, several times over?

Maybe there is a hidden agenda.

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