Revisiting the Hudson Valley Darting Project

What is Zonastat-D?

Zonastat-H, a restricted-use pesticide peddled as a vaccine, sometimes referred to as the Montana Solution, is intended for use on wild horses and burros.

Zonastat-D is Zonastat-H rebranded for use on white-tailed deer.

The EPA approved the labeling amendment in 2017.

The product was applied in the Hudson Valley from 2014 to 2019 by researchers from the Humane Society to sterilize female deer, according to a 2021 story by the Times Union of Albany, NY.

Apparently, the advocates jumped the gun by a few years.

Don’t worry, it was only a minor oversight.

FOAL Mixing PZP 01-18-22

The advocates always follow the rules for handling the product, including the use of chemical-resistant gloves, evident in the photo above.

That they and their allies in the bureaucracy are probably using it in a manner that’s inconsistent with its registration is a topic for subsequent discussion.

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