Depositions Filed in Wyoming Corner-Crossing Case

The civil complaint, brought by the owner of a ranch that covers public and private parcels in the Wyoming checkerboard, follows criminal trespass charges that were dropped last year.

The ranch owner wants the judge to declare that the hunters trespassed, then leave it for a jury to determine later how much they should pay in damages, according to a story dated April 18 by WyoFile.

The hunters want the suit dismissed completely, arguing that the Unlawful Inclosures Act of 1885 prevents landowners from fencing others out of public lands or using threats and intimidation toward that end.

The case could establish precedent in claims involving access to 8.3 million acres of “corner-locked” public lands in the American West.

The plaintiff believes the corner-crossers devalued his ranch by $7.75 million, not by setting foot on his property, but by crossing its air space!

Damages could go as high as $9.4 million.

The story did not indicate if the plaintiff had sued any commercial airlines for flying over his property.

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