Foal-Free Friday, Blowing Smoke Up Your Butt Edition

What do you call a restricted-use pesticide that destroys the ovaries of mares in four to five years?  A vaccine.

What do you call a mare whose ovaries have been destroyed by said pesticide, or nearly so?  Self-boosting.

Next time a storm moves through your area, try this experiment.

Grab an umbrella and head out the door.  Hold the umbrella at your side.  Rain falls on your head.

Now, hold the umbrella over your head.  Rain can’t reach your head.

Try it again.  By your side, head gets wet.  Above, head stays dry.

If you try it next month, you’ll get the same results.

Next year, same.

The effect of the umbrella is reversible.

This is not true for the Montana Solution.

The advocates have been telling you for years that PZP is a sperm blocker, an umbrella of sorts, that wears off after a few years when the treatments are stopped.

PZP Sperm Blocker 04-20-23

Unfortunately, if the umbrella has been in place for five years and you remove it, there will be no raindrops falling on your head.

PZP is not reversible, as the advocates claim.  Rather, it is a sterilant.

Results from Assateague Island prove it.

In a similar manner, the advocates are destroying the herds on the Virginia Range, Salt River and the HMAs listed on the latest roundup schedule.

If they told you the truth about their darting programs, the injuries and infections, the increasing death rates, shrinking herds, abnormal sex ratios and sterilization of mares, you’d withdraw your financial support immediately.

So, they conceal their enmity with euphemisms like “safe, proven and reversible,” hoping you won’t catch on.

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NOTE: Examples of these lies, such as this one, can usually be found on the propaganda page of Lucky Three Ranch.

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