Foal-Free Friday, Busting the Myth of Reversibility Edition

The Maryland side of Assateague Island, a paragon of wild horse management according to the advocates, is a disaster.

The population in 2016, when the safe, proven and reversible darting program was shut off, was around 85.

Last month, it was 75.

The population should have doubled or tripled.  Look at the increase from 1976 to 1987 in this chart.

Assatuegue Population Trend 04-04-23

The herd has been ruined by the Montana Solution.  Most of the mares are sterile.

Which ones aren’t?

The ones with nice colors.  And bad feet, unfortunately.

In determining birth rates and breeding patterns, the advocates select for characteristics they think are desirable, not for traits essential to their survival.

Ruggedness and self-reliance take a back seat to exhibition, marketing and tourism.

The advocates know, and have always known, that PZP is a sterilant.  That’s why they invented euphemisms like “self-boosting” to describe barren mares.

They’ve been lying to you for years.

They are not voices for the horses.

Why are you still giving them money?

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