Currituck Herd Grows by One?

Between four and six foals are born each year and the herd now numbers less than 100, according to a story dated March 27 by The Virginian-Pilot.

This is frightening.

The on-range population was 106 a year ago.

A herd of that size should produce 15 to 20 foals per year.

“We cannot afford to lose horses due to human-caused problems,” wrote herd manager Meg Puckett in a post on socialist media.  “They face so many challenges to their survival that are beyond our control…”

Nonsense!  She is the greatest threat to the herd, and her ruinous darting program, which was suspended in 2022 due to concerns about the long-term effects of PZP, a restricted-use pesticide that destroys the ovaries of mares in four to five years.

You only need to look at the herd on the Maryland side of Assateague Island to see where this is going.

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