Foal-Free Friday, Noticing Their Hypocrisy Edition

Advocates with the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, an affiliate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, said on March 14 that “It’s never nice to disturb any wild animals, but to come in with gloves and lasso and pursue Salt River wild horses will get you in deep trouble here, because the Salt River wild horses are protected from harassment and interfering by State law.”  Click on image to read the story.

SRWHDG Hypocrisy 03-16-23

There are no foals in the photos, because the advocates have poisoned the mares with a restricted-use pesticide.

Apparently, riding your horse on public lands is harassment, but stalking wild horses with phones, tablets and darting rifles, with the intent of destroying their ovaries, is not.

Students Learn About Darting 10-26-22

If PZP was taken off the market, the advocates would have nothing, no reason to exist.

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