Cedar Mountain Advocate Mum on Permitted Grazing

She has identified every water source in the HMA and has worked with stakeholders to ensure the water continues to flow.

She’s documented 65 bands, the largest with 13 members.

Bachelor stallions make up 16.3% of the population.

Almost one third of the horses are pintos.

But she doesn’t see any livestock.

The ratio of females to males is not given nor the percentage of foals.

The herd is subject to the Montana Solution according to the February 7 roundup schedule but she does not say if she’s involved.

She’s with the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, defender of the ranchers, and you can read her story on the propaganda page hosted by Lucky Three Ranch.

In this map from the National Data Viewer, the HA boundary is black, the HMA border is orange and the allotment boundaries are green.  Click on image to open in new tab.

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Cedar Mountain Allotment Map 03-07-23

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