TRIC Manager Praises Virginia Range Darting Program

“There is a small faction of people in Nevada pushing for full extermination of wild horses,” according to the writer of a column in today’s edition of The Nevada Independent.

“Some want immediate removal of all wild horses and others want to get rid of wild horses a little at a time by cutting down the size of the herds well below what is needed for healthy breeding by frequent roundups and removals—death by a thousand cuts,” yet he applauds a variant of the latter carried out by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and its army of volunteers.

Many of the mares are now at risk of sterility as the program moves into its fifth year, but because he doesn’t see any adverse effects, it must not be a concern.

The wild horse preservation advocates, as he calls them, look at the Virginia Range as a demonstration project, an opportunity to convince the bureaucrats and ranchers that they have a better way (to get rid of wild horses).

And they want you to pay for it.

Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

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