New Mexico Lawmakers Tackle Wild Horse Problem?

A bill introduced last week would amend Chapter 77 of the New Mexico statutes to allow free-roaming horse experts to control the population of free-roaming horses and allow the state livestock board to make rules regarding the qualifications of said experts.

Western Horse Watchers has been unable to find a news report covering the legislation.

An individual may be eligible if he or she has (1) expertise in conducting free-roaming horse herd surveys, (2) an understanding of land carrying capacity analyses, land status and property ownership, and (3) an understanding of free-roaming horse habitat, biology, behavior and management strategies, according to Section 2 of the measure.

A diploma from the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception was not included in the requirements.

Failure to understand forage production, carrying capacity and resource management will rule out most advocates anyway.

RELATED: Pew Looks at New Mexico Plan to Manage Wild Horses.

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