Price of Hay Still in Stratosphere

A bale of alfalfa-grass mix fetched $36 today at the local feed store, 20 bales minimum, no change from November.  The single-bale price was $37.

The average horse would need around five bales per month, putting the cost of feed at $180 per AUM.

As for the concentrates, in 50-pound sacks, Equine Senior was $35 and rice bran pellets went for $30 each.

Layena Crumbles, for chickens, sold for $29.

The one-horse pony says his policies are working, which would be true if the goal is to put average American families out of business.

Meanwhile, on the range, the new grazing fee should be announced within days.

Ranchers currently pay $1.35 per AUM to feed their livestock on public lands, a bit less than what they’re paying on private lands, including their own, which explains why they want more wild horses crammed into feedlots at taxpayer expense.

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