Reading the Pancake Tea Leaves

These AUM numbers came up in a Google search this evening, probably for the Pancake Complex in Nevada.

Western Horse Watchers believes the livestock AUMs are on the high side, as discussed previously, but let’s ignore that for now.

Pancake AUM Numbers 01-20-23

What can you conclude, without reaching for your calculator?

  • The horses have been cheated by the bureaucrats in favor of the ranchers
  • The Complex is managed primarily for livestock
  • You don’t have a wild horse problem, you have a resource management problem

Reaching for a calculator,

  • The AML ranges from 361 to 638
  • The number of horses displaced from the Complex by permitted grazing is 4,952
  • The True AML is 5,590

The current population was not given.

The BLM collects about $80,000 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the Complex while it spends around $9 million per year to care for the horses displaced thereby.  Would you say that’s a wise use of the public lands?

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