New Adjuvants to Boost Efficacy of PZP?

With the public-lands ranchers demanding more and more forage in areas identified for wild horses, the bureaucrats and advocates are always looking for new and novel ways to get rid of the horses without arousing public suspicion.

Now comes news from the University of Toledo that the safety, shelf life, effectiveness and durability of the Montana Solution can be improved by reformulating it with a different, current-generation adjuvant.

Adjuvants amplify the immune response following inoculation, making a vaccine more effective, only in this case, the vaccine causes illness instead of preventing it.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

The results of a study, published last month, were promising, with one new adjuvant allowing vaccine preparation days before injection and yielding a strong immune response without injection-site effects.

The research was conducted in part by Dr. John Turner, a colleague of the late Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick of Eastern Montana College.

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