Better if They Weren’t Even Born

Here is your chair of the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, a PZP fanatic and leader of two working groups at the FREES Network, a ranching advocacy group hosted by Utah State University Extension, preaching the overpopulation narrative and fertility control gospel at The Wildlife Society’s 2022 Annual Conference in Spokane, WA.

Although the remark about “learning to love and understand people who are completely opposite of what you might be thinking” was probably a reference to the public-lands ranchers, it also applies to those of us who actually care about the horses and want them managed according to the original statute.

Return to Freedom was a signatory to the ill-advised “Path Forward” of 2019, a plan that put ranching interests far above those of wild horses—in the lawful home of wild horses.

The underlying belief, never acknowledged by the advocates, is that most of the forage in areas identified for wild horses should be consumed by privately owned livestock.

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