Foal-Free Friday, Getting Rid of Them Inconspicuously Edition

There is little if any diversity of thought among the wild horse advocates.

Curiosity is also in short supply.

In their desire to be respected by the bureaucrats and ranchers, they focus almost exclusively on removal, not on preservation.

They don’t want you questioning the overpopulation narrative and mismanagement of resources in areas identified for wild horses.

They don’t want you questioning their authority.

And they damn sure don’t want you questioning their knowledge, abilities and understanding of the issues.

So they operate inconspicuously, quietly stalking the mares and poisoning them with their favorite pesticide.

There are no helicopters, no traps, pipe panels or trailers.

There are no observers sitting in blinds to document cruelty, injuries and deaths.

Sterility is the long-term goal.  Mares so disposed are said to be “self-boosting.”

There is no accountability to the public, no data on herd size, birth rates, death rates, percentages of males, females and foals, changes year over year.

There is no adverse effects reporting, no information on unexpected results.

The bureaucrats keep the destruction out of the public eye, with the aid of a compliant media.

These charlatans are free to conduct their business as they please, within the confines of the law, but you don’t have to be part of it.

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Stalking Wild Horses 12-30-22

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