Speaker of House Elected, New Congress Seated

McCarthy succeeded on the 15th ballot and House lawmakers took their oaths of office shortly thereafter, according to a story dated January 7 by The Hill.

The one-horse pony acknowledged the result.

The advocates can now mobilize their lobbyists to resurrect the stupid ideas from 2022, including the helicopter ban (removal of wild horses by wranglers), the veterans for livestock act (get rid of them with the Montana Solution) and the surgical sterilization is bad act (but not chemical sterilization if achieved with their favorite pesticide).

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One thought on “Speaker of House Elected, New Congress Seated

  1. Here’s your chance to contact the fiscally conservative insurrectionists in the Republican-controlled House about welfare ranchers and the wild horse issue! When they’re done firing IRS agents, fixing the immigration crisis they’ve never addressed, investigating the laptop and taking away your social security and Medicare, I’m sure they’ll get right on it.

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