Pile Burning This Week on the Virginia Range?

The December 20 news release said the BLM would burn piles of branches near Jackson Ranch in Genoa, NV and Geiger Grade in the Virginia City Highlands when enough precipitation has fallen to prevent the fires from spreading beyond the pile areas and road conditions allow safe access.

The forecast for Virginia City, slightly to the south, shows rain and snow most of the week, perhaps too much to get anything to burn.

Virginia City Forecast 12-26-22

Most of the land in the Virginia Range is privately owned, denoted by white in this map from the National Data Viewer, but the BLM does control some acreage, denoted by tan.

Western Horse Watchers suspects the burns in the Highlands will occur on a 44-acre parcel surrounded by private lots, as shown in Storey County parcel map 03-18.

Pile Burning on Virginia Range 12-26-22

The announcement said the trees, probably pinyon pines and junipers, were thinned to reduce high severity wildfire and increase growth and vigor of the remaining trees.

Western Horse Watchers knows what you’re thinking: They sound like the advocates!

“If we get rid of them, they can stay.”

Speaking of the advocates, they have been pummeling the Virginia Range mares with their favorite pesticide for four years, and many are now at risk of sterility.

They do this not because they care about the horses but because they’re desperate for the approval of the bureaucrats and ranchers.

They are not having second thoughts about what they are doing.

Why are you still giving them money?

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