How to Submit Useful Comments for Clan Alpine Scoping

Just remember that you’re dealing with a resource enforcement action, or livestock protection plan if you prefer, not an RMP amendment.

Concerns about forage allocations and management priorities, although valid, are outside the scope of the project.

Comments should focus on the removal of excess horses, achieving AML and keeping the population at that level, so ranchers can access their fair share of the resources.

That the area was identified for wild horses is of no consequence.

Here are some examples:

  • Revealing the location of horses near private property
  • Reporting damage to a road that may be used to haul captured horses
  • Offering to provide an aggressive darting program at no cost to the government
  • Encouraging the BLM to get the numbers down as soon as possible
  • Submitting photos of damage to livestock fencing

The careful observer will realize that this opportunity for public involvement is a ruse that maintains the status quo at the expense of America’s wild horses.

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