How to Help the Bordo Atravesado Wild Horses

During the comment period for the draft EA, several advocates urged the BLM to reduce livestock grazing inside the HMA and/or shift livestock AUMs back to the horses, apparently unaware they were dealing with a resource enforcement action, or, if you prefer, a livestock protection plan, not an amendment to the land-use plan.

This is like asking a highway patrol officer to change the speed limit.  He doesn’t write them, he doesn’t review them, he enforces them.

Fortunately, the answer is in Appendix G of the Decision Packet.

“Changes to livestock grazing cannot be made through a wild horse and burro gather decision or through 4710.5(a), and are only possible if the BLM first revises the land-use plans to allocate livestock forage to wild horses and to eliminate or reduce livestock grazing.”

That would be the Socorro Resource Management Plan.

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