Are Roundups Safe?

Research over a ten-year period indicates a mortality rate of 1.7% for bait-trap gathers and 1.0% for helicopter gathers, according to an article by the Elko Daily Free Press.

Not mentioned in the story was the 5.9% death rate in the 2021 Jackson Mountains roundup, acute + chronic.

Criticism of roundups by the advocates is self-serving.  They don’t care if the horses have been cheated by the bureaucrats in favor of the ranchers.

CAAWH Ad on Google 11-26-22

Just give them a larger share of the wild horse removal market and greater use of a vaccine that causes illness instead of preventing it.

Perfect topic for Foal-Free Friday.

RELATED: Difference Between Helicopter Roundups and Darting Programs.

Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

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