New Resource Enforcement Plan for Clan Alpine HMA?

A new project was created in ePlanning yesterday but no documents were posted.

The HMA covers 302,226 total acres in central Nevada, including 298,064 public acres.

The 979 horses allowed by plan require 11,748 AUMs per year.

The stocking rate allowed by plan is 3.3 wild horses per thousand acres, considerably higher than the target rate across all HMAs of one wild horse per thousand acres.

The estimated population as of March 1 was 1,944.

Clan Alpine HMA Map 12-15-22

The HMA overlaps three allotments, Cow Canyon on the west side, Clan Alpine on the east side and Dixie Valley on the south side.

The Allotment Master Report puts all three in the Improve category.

The allotments offer 15,038 active AUMs per year on 796,683 public acres, for a weighted average forage availability of 18.9 AUMs per year per thousand acres, enough to support an additional 1.5 wild horses per thousand acres.

Curiously, on a per acres basis, the horses receive twice as much forage as livestock, an outlier in the resource management process!

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