60 Minutes Looks at Wyoming Honor Farm

The report hasn’t been posted to YouTube but you can view it at CBS News.

The compound is listed as “Riverton Prison” in the September facility report.

This chart indicates that public lands in the western U.S. can support many more horses than the government admits and explains why so many are being forced therefrom.

Amtrak on the Range 11-21-22

Imagine the possibilities when most of your costs are subsidized by American taxpayers.

One thought on “60 Minutes Looks at Wyoming Honor Farm

  1. Make no mistake, the 60 Minutes spot was no investigative journalism piece: it was crafted and strategically timed by BLM to promote their narrative.
    The dramatic show by Ms. Waddell
    of suddenly caring about the American taxpayer, in her best pitiable voice proclaiming the high expense of warehousing all these thousands of horses: where do we surmise this is heading?
    Next stop: budget appropriations are coming. No accident Wyoming and Wind River Reservation were featured in this propaganda spin piece.
    Wyoming has powerful anti-wild horse forces hard at work, and the tribal government of Wind River Rez already has contracts with BLM, including long term holding pastures. And plans to round up the tribal horses.
    What else is planned? The Final Solution?

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