Advocate Doesn’t Understand Planning Process?

The writer of a column appearing yesterday in Deseret News complained about the removal last year of cherished wild horses at Onaqui Mountain and Sand Wash Basin, noting they were in good condition and forage was adequate.

What he didn’t tell you is that most of the resource was assigned to privately owned livestock, a result of BLM’s planning and decision process.

The roundups enforced resource allocations already on the books.

If you go too fast on the freeway, you get a ticket.  If you eat too much in your lawful home, you’re removed.

The horses are pests, they rob the permittees of their birthright.

The remark about “A top advocacy group” is probably a reference to the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, purveyor of the Montana Solution and defender of the public-lands ranchers.

With the roundups over, the Onaqui and Sand Wash advocates keep the herds from bouncing back with a pesticide that can sterilize the mares in as little as four years, giving the ranchers unfettered access to cheap feed in areas set aside for the horses, as specified in the land-use plans.

The writer supports these efforts.

File under: Charlatans.

For Your Innocent Ants and Roaches 10-23-22

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