Livestock Win More Forage in Coyote-Alvord-Tule HMA

The updated Decision Record and Environmental Assessment were posted to the project folder on October 21.

The active AUMs in the Alvord Allotment would increase to 8,992, as shown in Table 1 of the DR, compared to 7,355 in the previous authorization.

Of the 1,892 previously suspended AUMs, 255 would remain off limits, putting 1,637 in play, for a new total of 8,992.

New authorization = 1,892 – 255 + 7,355 = 8,992 AUMs per year

The resource increment would support an additional 136 wild horses.

Instead, those animals will remain in off-range holding at a cost of $248,200 per year, to be laid at the feet of American taxpayers, while the BLM collects an additional $2,210 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the HMA.

Would you say the change qualifies as a wise use of the public lands?

Taxpayers and wild horses have been rooked by the bureaucrats, with the cooperation of the advocates (yes, the HMA has a fertility control program), to prop up a failed industry on America’s public lands.

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Alvord Allotment Map 09-08-22

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