WHBAB Recommendations We’d Like to See

The list from the October meeting has been posted.  The Board, composed of ranchers and ranching sympathizers, overlooked this idea:

Confine the permittees to their base properties in a year-round off-season and let them pay the going rate to feed their animals.  Assign most of the resources to wild horses and burros, with a small amount reserved for wildlife.  Manage the land principally for wild horses and burros as specified in the original statute.  Return captured animals to their lawful homes as cattle and sheep vacate the overlapping allotments.

Acting in the best interests of wild horses and burros, not livestock operators, seems to have been dropped from the WHBAB charter.

Don’t expect any support from the advocates.  Like the bureaucrats, they want the ranchers to succeed, not the horses.

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WHBAB Meeting Day 1 01 10-04-22

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