Foal-Free Friday, Brainwashing the Youngsters Edition

Students enrolled in Arizona State University’s pre-veterinary medicine program traveled to the Salt River this month for a challenging assignment: Determine if the herd exhibits the full range of wild behaviors in a natural setting, as the advocates claim.

An obvious indicator of trouble, not mentioned in a story by ASU, is the absence of foals.

Students Find No Foals at Salt River 10-26-22

A representative of the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, a partner of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, noted that after the herd was protected by state law, they were given an ultimatum to have the horses rounded up or reduce their population.

The advocates decided to get rid of them with the Montana Solution, the same approach used by professionals to protect ants, roaches and other cherished pests.

The report said the current population is around 430 animals on 19,000 acres.

The average herd produces fifteen to twenty percent foals every year, which means the advocates got rid of 65 to 85 horses in 2022, given that few if any foals have been born this year, twice as many as the Alpine shooters.

Who’s the greater threat to America’s wild horses?  The advocates or the shooters?

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Students Learn About Darting 10-26-22

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