Wild Horses Should Be So Lucky

The October edition of Horse Tales has been published.  After taking a month off, the real estate agent and PZP darter in the Minden/Gardnerville area, an acolyte of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, is back with a column about the challenges of identifying wild horses for safe, proven and reversible birth control, starting on page 4.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

The article applauds the amazing support group in northern Nevada consisting of hard-working volunteers donating their time and energy, passionate people who donate the funds for the fertility control and equipment like gas-charged rifles, the vaccine and so many other supplies that help the advocates keep wild horses wild.

Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

What do they mean by keeping wild horses wild?

  • Barren mares
  • Confused stallions
  • Shrinking herds
  • Injuries and infections
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Disruption of natural order
  • Sterility
  • Massive human involvement
  • Subordination to livestock

Who would want this for America’s wild horses?

Their allies, the bureaucrats and ranchers, whose approval they seek at all costs.

Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21

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