Bold Prediction for HR 9154

Ten days have passed since the bill was introduced but the text has not been published, so a little speculation is in order.

Consider this example from the North Lander Complex in Wyoming:

A. Forage allocations before HR 9154, neglecting wildlife:

  • Horses – 11.5%
  • Livestock – 88.5%

B. Forage allocations after HR 9154:

  • Horses – 11.5%
  • Livestock – 88.5%

Conclusion: The bill is of no use to America’s wild horses.

The problem is resource management.

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Allocating Resources 05-08-21

2 thoughts on “Bold Prediction for HR 9154

  1. Hold their feet to the fire. They sure don’t care if the run the horses feet through the fire. Shame on them. Shame on Deb Haaland.

  2. It’s a shame the people of this country are not heard , and the elected officials chosen to represent us are not listening to the majority of the voters ..We do not want cruelty we do not want roundups we want our wild horses wild and free to roam and enjoy. I do not want my tax dollars spent on animal cruelty. I appreciate the ones who support the Safe Act and there morels.

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