FREES Conference Comes and Goes, Yawn

Organizers pulled a disparate group together, including private landowners, animal welfare advocates, federal land managers, political leaders, cattle ranchers, wildlife managers, sport hunting and wildlife conservation organization and representatives from Native American tribes, to sit face-to-face and confront the hard realities of wild horse management, according to a story by Utah State University, sponsor of the event.

A goal of the summit was to create a safe space for conversations, where wild horse advocates and other frauds could come out of the closet in support of the public-lands ranchers.

The new modeling tool unveiled at the conference didn’t show the audience, much less U.S. taxpayers, how much they’re being fleeced by their precious government to prop up a failed industry on America’s public lands.

Call it Amtrak on the range.

It’s not a passenger train, it’s a gravy train.

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UPDATE: Refer to this commentary in CounterPunch by Eric Molvar of the Western Watersheds Project.  The McCullough Peaks herd is now a curated horse exhibit, ruined by the advocates in favor of the ranchers.

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