Roadmap for Saving the Alpine Wild Horses?

Advocates with the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, an afffiliate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, laid out a plan on April 5.  Here’s what they need:

  • A legal fund, our attorney costs $450 per hour and if it comes to litigation, it would cost over $50,000
  • A travel fund for our seasoned volunteers to help set up the local group and document all of the horses
  • A software fund for our app that logs and organizes the different bands which is used by the field team
  • A PZP program fund, the startup costs are $25,000 (dart guns, PZP, and certification of volunteers)

The fifth step, of course, is pumping the poison into the mares for four of five years until they become sterile.

“We’re protecting them from removal by getting rid of them with PZP.”

A snippet from their page on socialist media (sidebar on the right) indicates the number of dead horses has increased to 20, with more than 30 missing.

Sounds like they’ve already accomplished steps 2 and 3.

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PZP and Sterility 09-29-22

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