Devil’s Garden Roundup, Day 22, Ecological Imbalance Edition

The incident began on September 12.  Results through October 3:

Devils Garden Roundup Day 22 10-03-22

Body condition scores indicate more horses than allowed by plan, not more horses than the land can support.  If the horses were starving the scores would be lower.

More information may be available in the land of make-believe on socialist media.

  • Target: Horses
  • Type: Planned
  • Method: Unknown
  • Captured: 311
  • Average daily take: 14.1
  • Capture goal: Unknown
  • Removal goal: Unknown
  • Returned: Unknown
  • Deaths: Unknown
  • Shipped: Unknown
  • Unaccounted-for: Unknown
  • Location of trap: Unknown
  • Destination of captured animals: Unknown
  • Horses allowed by plan (AML): 402
  • Forage assigned to horses: 4,824 AUMs per year
  • Pre-gather population: Unknown
  • Forage assigned to livestock inside WHT: 15,711 AUMs per year (estimated)
  • Horses displaced from WHT by permitted grazing: 1,309
  • True AML: 1,711
  • Stocking rate at new AML: 6.6 horses per thousand acres

The government collects $21,210 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the WHT while it spends $2,388,925 per year to care for the horses displaced thereby.

Would you say that permitted grazing is a wise use of the public lands?

All of this could be avoided—foals, adults, all of them—with patience and an aggressive darting program.

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