Piute Mountain Roundup, Day 43

The incident began on August 19.  Progress has been slow and burros have been shipped the same day they are trapped.

As of September 30, 19 animals have been captured and 19 have been shipped, according to reports at the gather page.

The total includes eleven jacks, six jennies and two foals.

Youngsters represented 10.5% of the animals gathered.

Of the adults, 64.7% were male and 35.3% were female.

The HA, no longer managed for burros, lies mostly within the Lazy Daisy Allotment.

The trap may be located near Fenner Spring, west of the HA, the only water source for the burros.

The capture and removal goals are 60 each.

To date, there are no unaccounted-for animals.

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Piute Mountain HA Map 07-24-22

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