WHBAB Challenge of the Day

How many members of the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board are ranchers or ranching sympathizers?  Refer to the member biographies for clues.

Western Horse Watchers offers the following assessment:

  • Vernon Bleich – Unknown
  • Susan McAlpine – Ranching sympathizer
  • Steven Yardley – Rancher
  • Ursula Bechert – Unknown
  • James French – Ranching sympathizer
  • Tammy Pearson – Rancher
  • Celeste Carlisle – Ranching sympathizer
  • Tom Lenz – Ranching sympathizer
  • Barry Perryman – Ranching sympathizer

Classifications are subject to change after viewing the October meeting.

BONUS QUESTION: How many members are shills for the drillers and miners?

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