Losses Climbing at Wheatland Off-Range Corrals

The facility remains closed due to a strangles outbreak, according to a report posted today by Cowboy State Daily.

Eighteen horses have died.

The Facility Report provided with other materials for the October WHBAB meeting indicates a capacity of 3,500 animals, with 2,640 horses and 29 burros warehoused there as of September 19.

The BLM spends about $4.8 million per year to care for those animals while it collects around $43,000 per year in grazing fees from ranchers occupying their lawful home.

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2 thoughts on “Losses Climbing at Wheatland Off-Range Corrals

  1. Their off range facilities report excluded Wheatland off range corral’s .
    They listed Wheatland/Mantle (a mustang training facility) but that’s NOT the Wheatland off range facility.
    So, the 2,600 horses and some burros are NOT being included in this report.

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