Wild Horses Rule the Range?

So says the writer of an opinion piece in the Carlsbad Current Argus.

You only need to look at the data.

The BLM assigns most of the forage on public lands to privately owned cattle and sheep, even in areas set aside for horses and burros.

Horses and burros receive about 324,000 AUMs per year on 27 million acres, compared to 12 million AUMs per year on 155 million acres for livestock.

Livestock can access 5.7 times more land than horses and burros, but the number of animals allowed by plan, equivalent to one million wild horses, is 37 times higher.

Ranching interests control the range, not wild horses.

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One thought on “Wild Horses Rule the Range?

  1. Ted Williams again??? Eye roll. Thanks for sharing!

    He has had his little niche carved out writing sensationalist tales for Audubon Mag. Amazingly, he is probably still on that editorial board.

    Some of the “scientists” and “science writers” are surprisingly biased. Are they taught this, do they truly believe it, or is it simply of benefit for them to line up with anti wild horse?

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