Readers Respond to “Romance Versus Reality” Diatribe

The original piece, billed as a special to the Herald Times, ran on August 25.

Western Horse Watchers did not comment at the time as it was clearly an ode to the bureaucrats, ranchers and wild horse charlatans of the Piceance HMA, target of a roundup in July.

Today the paper published three responses, two in opposition, one in support.

The August 25 column was written by Kathleen Kelley, formerly a contract lobbyist and now co-owner of Sullivan Kelley Farms in Meeker, a cow-calf and livestock forage operation according to a 2018 letter to the paper by husband Reed Kelley.

Apparently, Mrs. Kelley is trying to establish herself with the ranching community and supporters thereof, perhaps with political and/or professional aspirations.

Knock yourself out, honey.

One of the letters was written by Scott Beckstead, a proponent of on-range management with the Montana Solution, evident in his reference to “our cherished wild equines.”

For Your Cherished Ants and Roaches 08-30-22

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