Frisco Roundup Ends Early

The incident concluded yesterday, according to a statement at the gather page, with 51 horses captured, 48 shipped, none released and three dead.

There were no unaccounted-for animals.

The death rate was 5.9%.

Data quality was good.

The August 10 schedule indicated a capture goal of 97 and removal goal of 67, with up to 30 animals returned to the HMA, including 15 mares treated with fertility control.

The gather page suggests that treat-and-release was not part of the plan.

The capture total included 25 stallions, 16 mares and 10 foals.

Youngsters represented 19.6% of the animals gathered.

Of the adults, 61% were male and 39% were female.

The observed percentage of foals suggests the herd was growing at a rate of 15% per year, not 20% per year, a rate used by land managers to predict herd sizes and justify resource enforcement actions.

The HMA has an HMAP and is managed primarily for livestock.

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